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Jul 15, 2021

Join Chris and Lasse as they talk to Will (Rudi Lange) , a member of 7./Gren.Rgt.Grossdeutschland, one of the oldest and most successful WW2 German reenacting groups in the United States.

Over the years Will and other members of his group have travelled to Germany to attend many veterans meetings or “treffens” - giving them a unique insight into the lives of the men they reenact at events back at home.

In this episode Will shares anecdotes and information from those meetings - and explains why he'll never wear low boots following a conversation with one of the veterans....

Großdeutschland was an elite Heer unit that was  the first to recruit men from all over Germany as opposed to set military districts, and fought almost exclusively on the eastern front.

To learn more about Will's unit visit them here.....


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